Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Series of Short, Completely Random Thoughts, All of Which Have Everything To Do With Nothing

Everybody on the planet should listen to Elephants, by Rachael Yamagata. Its pretty. Then listen to Pork & Beans, by Weezer. Not as pretty, but still awesome.

Last night it snowed (!), and our power lines blew up. This has never happened before, and unnerved me greatly. My brother just liked the big boom.

When it snows for the first time in quite possibly forever, you have to go out and take pictures. But, because you are a camera snob, you don't have one camera, you have 3 different cameras. One of which, you have to come back in a change the lens 3 times. Which is a total of 5 trips. You also have to shoot manual focus, but can't since your fingers are frozen because, it doesn't get cold; ergo, no need for gloves. So your pictures aren't blurry, they're.....artsy.

Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate with Caramel and Sea Salt. Say these words and rejoice.

Truffles are yummy.

When my mom knits, she counts her stitches in German. I will never understand this.

Might possibly have to web address for my pictures (other than flickr). I find this hugely exciting, and will update if any progress is made.

I ordered a Fat Cyclist T-Shirt, and wish it would arrive NOW. Cause I want to wear it. NOW.

Also subscribed to Motor Trend Magazine (I can hear you all laughing), and it still hasn't come. The mail system makes me sad.

Winter is a weird season. Alternatively melancholy and nostalgic, happy and cozy, lonely and poignant, thankful and optimistic.

Thats all the creativity I've got.