Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight

Amazing. Amazing and beautiful and not quite as terrifying as I thought it would be. I was really expecting absolute terror. Suspense, absolutely. Terror, occasionally.

We ordered tickets on Fandango, which was a good thing. There was a line about 30 people long inside the theatre, but we just walked right in (and then to the concession stand, where my friend got Muddy Bears - chocolate covered gummy bears. Ewwww). Sat through the commercials. The person reeling the commercials must have been sleeping through that bit because we got a commercial for, guess what? The Dark Knight.

Overall, the movie was very very good. It was pretty long, and about 2/3 through it seemed to stop then start again. I still loved it.

There was quite a bit of violence, and lots of pretty explosions. The violence was pretty crucial to the movie, but I bet they could have cut some out. Maybe not a lot, but some. The explosions were awesome though.

One of the saddest parts was when *********very very minor spoiler warning***************

he crashed his Lamborghini. There was a bit of angst (which I naysayed with perverse vigor) but it really worked in this.

Ah, the Joker. Psychotic and brilliant. I've never seen Nickelson's (I spelled that wrong. I know it), but I don't see how he could be any better then Ledger. Every little mannerism was so well executed, every word delivered with unbalanced fervor. What makes him so disturbing is the unpredictability in which he goes about. You think he is going to do one thing, but he does the opposite. He makes blinking freaky.

Watch out for the pencil trick. Thats just wrong.

I would definitely recommend it and I am going to see it again. And buy the DVD.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dark Knight and White bug hybrids

Tomorrow, I go to see the Dark Knight. And I'm pretty excited. Super duper excited one might say.

I have a question. Can spiders and scorpions breed?

Because today under my desk, on my shoe (my feet were thankfully not in my shoes at this point) was a spider/scorpion thing. Its body was a little smaller then a credit card, and it had more then 4 legs. I can't tell you exactly how many because I sure has anything wasn't going to lean down and look. The weirdest thing was the color.

It was a smoky white-ish color. And if it hadn't been for the lack of a tail and possibly leg count (again, I didn't investigate very closely) it would have been one big spider. But it was built lower, more like a scorpion. I'm not sure as to whether it had pincers though.

I didn't have my camera, so I couldn't take a picture.

Is there any possibility that a medium sized spider and a medium sized scorpion had a love child?

Speaking of hybrids, Porsche is coming out with a hybrid 4 door. You can choose from a 3.6L V6, 4.8L V8 and 4.8L Turbo (with 300, 405 and 520 respective bhp). Porsche is also allowing you to outfit your Panamera with a 3.6L V6 engine, paired with a 110hp electric motor. Aesthetically, it looks like a 911 with 2 extra doors. More doors, but just as lovely.

Ya, its freakin awesome.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


How could I have forgotten? It's just pitiful...

So You Think You Can Dance Season 4 has begun. Actually, it began a while back, but it just now occurred to me I should review like it did Dancing with the Stars. So, with no further adieu, your contestants!


Chelsea Hightower: If she is not in the finals, I will shoot my foot. Started as a ballroom dancer, is now doing everything and doing it very very well. Her hip hop routine gives me the chills. In the video, 3:06, 3:31, 4:06 and 4:12 are my favorite moments. Whats so intriguing about her is how she turns into a completely different person on stage. You see rehearsal/backstage footage and she is your average 18 year old. Put her on stage and she is on fire. Amazing talent.

Comfort Fedoke: A hip hop/popper. Coming from her style, with limited formal training she is good. At this point in the competition though, she just isn't consistent enough. She goes up and then down. I do enjoy watching her dance, but not enough to vote.

Courtney Galiano: Her audition was amazing, and most of her performances have been as well. Her solo last week seemed a little desperate and over done, but other then that a steady stream of good. Trained in contemporary, she has handled the other styles with success. Except for the disco. But nobody every does the disco good, so there you go.

Jessica King: Another contemporary dancer. On the fence about her. While I can see that she has the potential to be a great dancer, at this point she is only good. Psychologically, she needs to let go and just dance. I think the problem is her partner Will is always getting unreal praise (he is a good dancer) and because she is not on the same level she is having a hard time bringing herself up there. Alone, I believe she could do it. Since she has the added pressure of constantly being compared to Will, she is struggling. Which may or may not have made sense.

Katee Shean: Really unsure about her in the beginning. Her attitude just wasn't hitting me right. But now, so glad they kept her. A contemporary dancer (is anybody seeing a theme?) who has been killing every style thrown her way. Another fantastically versatile dancer.

Kherington Payne: LOVE her. Lovelovelovelove. Yet another contemporary dancer who can blow everybody away. Her personality is so well suited for dance/performing and she just lights the whole place up. Every week exceptional performances. Lovelovelove. To top it off, she has super cute hair.


Gev Manoukian: A break dancer from Kazakhstan. Whats surprising about him is that his contemporary/Broadway dances were amazing, but his hip hop was only ok. I do really enjoy watching him though, which is something more technically skilled dancers don't always have.

Joshua Allen: Another break dancer who is good at contemporary. Unlike Gev however, this one has had formal training. Partnered with Katee, every week they deliver excellent performances. Will definitely go a loooong way.

Mark Kanemura: My one of my favorite male dancer's in this season. No, not just because he did his solo to "Bohemian Rhapsody". He's just so quirky and off the wall. I love it. A contemporary dancer who did an awesome jazz routine. Love him so much.

Thayne Jasperson: None of his performances have been particularly good or memorable for me. Which means I can't critique him, because I haven't watched him enough. He just blends in to well, nothing sets him apart. Sorry Thayne :-(

Twitch Boss: Auditioned last year, got beat out by Hok (who is amazing). Soooo happy he came back! His personality and talent are out of this world. My other favorite male dancer in this season. Absolutely breath taking.

Will Wingfield: Everybody just adores him. He is a very beautiful dancer, you can't deny it. But he doesn't reach me emotionally the same way Twitch and Mark do. He seems...closed off. Just not a huge fan of his. Like, not love him.

This is a great season, shaping up to be a fantastic finale. Can't wait to see who wins!! Very pleased with all of this years dancers who made it on, and absolutely adore the new choreographers Tabitha and Napoleon.