Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday afternoon will always be remembered as the best afternoon in the history of mankind. There is no disputing this fact; it shall forevermore be known has Most Explosively Joyful Day EVER.


Mom and I were driving around (for once she was doing the driving, whilst I wiled away the time car spotting), and she mentioned something about "the little white car behind us". Nodding absently - little white car was probably a Toyota Camry -, I continued my search for something pretty and fast. Then she pointed at the "little white car".

Ladies and gentlemen, it wasn't just any white car. It wasn't a Toyota. Nor a Ford. Lexus, Volkswagen, Nissan, Dodge, BMW or Porsche couldn't claim it. Not a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

It was an Audi. MY Audi. The R8, in all its glory.

Alas, it was turning right into a shopping center, while we turned left into a grocery store.

At this point I should mention you don't see many R8s. A Ferrari, while still rare, is much more frequently spotted. Even Lamborghinis are more common. If you do see an R8, it's probably on the showroom floor. I have only ever seen 2 - once driving home in the rain, and another time I spotted it at a light.

Which is why I convinced Mom, after we finished grocery shopping, to see if we could find it in the parking lot of the shops. We did. I had endure some hard core teasing, but it was sooooo worth it. Ibis White, with Oxygen Silver side panels. I even took a picture of the engine, a 4.2 liter V-8. It does NOT get better.

So, imagine my delight the next day when I'm sitting at your average traffic light, and what do I see?! That's right folks - my R8. Just about peed myself, I was that excited.

Words fail to describe the experience, but rest assured it was euphoric.

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mfcoan said...

Where did we get such a gear head!?