Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby steps

Since I am obviously incapable of consistently blogging decent sized posts, I am taking a new approach - a Twitter like post, everyday. Just something short, probably my favorite quote for the day or something that made me happy.

That little post will probably turn into a larger one, but I won't be intimidated by it. I figure it won't hurt to try.

"I carry you with me into the world,
into the smell of rain
& the words that dance between people
& for me it will always be this way,
walking in the light,
remembering being alive together."
~ Brian Andreas

P.S. Thoughts about the new layout?


Dan said...

Like it. I like the way you write and think so I'll be glad to be able to check in and find new stuff!Lindaloo

Dan said...

Hey that comment said "Dan said" but it's not him it's ME!