Thursday, September 4, 2008

For Sale. Baby Shoes. Never Worn.

In the shower this morning, I heard on the radio those 6 words. I almost cried.

Ernest Hemingway wrote that, supposedly for a bet.

There is something un-nameable about it, something that is just so tragic. Maybe its the simplicity - the bare statement of the fact.

It is possible that he meant not for it to be so full of an aching feeling - he could be trying to say it was a boy instead of a girl, a gift never used because of an excess of such items.

But I (and almost everybody who called into the radio) read it as an unspeakable sorrow.

Which is pretty dang depressing for a Thursday morning, lemme tell ya. Nothing puts a damper on your day like hearing that as you shave your legs.

When I Googled it, I came across a blog in which the woman talked briefly about that. She was using it in relation to a news article, where the paper made a challenge; describe your life in 6 words.

What is your 6 letter story?

Heres mine.

"Who'd of guessed I'd be here?"

And, ladies and gentlemen, your Daily Double -

"But I kind of like it"


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