Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Today, I thought to myself (for the record, I rarely think to other people. Talk to other people, sometimes. Think to other people, very very rarely) "I am sooo excited!!"

Now, when I get excited, I don't just get happily apprehensive. My joyous expectancy is rife with whole body quivering, unable to hold a static seated position for longer then .72 seconds, coherent speech becomes difficult, and little to no logical train of thought.

Sometimes, it gets to the point that my excitement causes me to...forget what I was excited for. Sad, I know. Also exceptionally fun. Its adds a lot of creative tension, being that worked up for no reason that you can remember. Good times.

I spent all of today bouncing of the walls, singing meaningless songs with carefree abandon, and now - I kid you not - I can't remember why.

Now usually when that happens, I run through a calender for the day, or upcoming week and that will generally give me a clue. Which is why today, when I ran through that mental calender and came up blank, I was a little frustrated. I mean, being excited for something is only half the fun. I would like my reward please.

So, I ran through the calender out for some months - my brother comes home in September, something exciting in October, and Christmas in December, but thats it. All to far in the future for this degree of ecstaticness; and yes, I just made that word up. I'm that good.

Wish my luck in discovering the source.

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mfcoan said...

Maybe you're waiting for Dancing with the Stars to start.