Tuesday, May 27, 2008

National Parents Day; Iron Man

I declare today National Parents Day. Since I have a lot of pull at the Committee Who Decides National Holidays, I can do that. It is set for today, because it is the day right in between Mothers and Fathers Day (I think).

Because I am just plain awesome, I am making this interactive. I say what I'm grateful for about my parents, and in the comments you put what your grateful for. It doesn't have to be a lot, just "Thanks mom for making me pancakes", "Thanks dad for driving my silly self to baseball practice 5 nights a week" will suffice. Or, better yet, just tell your parents. The chances of them seeing my comments are astronomical, so that might be a better plan.

Since I am dead positive that 4 out of my 5 readers are adults, you might have different things your grateful for. But the idea still stands.

To those who might be saying "but Alice, they know we love them, why must we go through this silly practice?", I say this: you say (or at least you should) thank you to the bag boy at the grocery store, the stranger who holds the door, the ticket seller at the movie theater, the waiter at the restaurant. But do you remember the last time you thanked your parents for bringing you into this world? Don't even think about "just telling them tomorrow". Life is to unstable for waiting. You just can't know when something horrible, like a motorcycle accident, might happen.

Thanks Mom for driving me to dance 5 nights a week. For letting me cut and color my hair countless times, allowing me to experiment with make-up and clothes. For supporting my decision to buy a laptop, allowing me to work for it. Teaching me the desire to learn, giving me the tools to teach myself, rather then being fed information. Taking me to see the dolphins, walking to the park, helping me pack when I decided to run away, schlepping us kids all over town, reading me Harry Potter, picking me up at a friends at midnight, spending hours at the library. For being a great Mom.

Dad, thanks for sharing your love of the motorcycle with me. For letting me (and my brother) form and develop our own opinions and thoughts. For the countless debates and discussions that we had around our table. For catching me every time I jumped off whatever high surface you set me on, and dancing with me after you came home from work. All those years of Scare Em, those books you sped read and then threw under the couch, the time you tried to teach me long division when I was 6, taking us to Peter Piper Pizza when Mom was at work, sharing your love of music. Most of all, thank you for being an amazing Dad.

Before it gets to sappy (it might have already), lets talk about Iron Man. Everybody should go see it. Right now. Stop reading this and go to the theater. I have already seen it 3 times, but if you need company I will gladly go with you. The movie is amazing. I can't remember if I have already blogged about it, so thats all I'm gonna say.

You see, thats the problem with not blogging for weeks. You forget what you have already said. Which is a problem, because you run the risk of repeating yourself. But I seem to remember saying something about Robert Downey Jr.'s amazingness..... Well, you get the point.

Now please excuse me while I try and remember what I blogged previously.

UPDATE: I did blog about Iron Man! So glad I figured that out. I stand by my earlier statement of going to see it, but perhaps more vigorously. The more I see it the more I love it, I tell ya. Also, I would like to take a sentence to let my friend who checks for updates, and was continually disappointed I hadn't posted anything: I shall be writing more frequently now since life has settled down a bit, and thank you for being my friend and reading whatever my convoluted mind can excrete. Great magical mushrooms, its sappy again. IRON MAN!! IRON MAN!! IRON MAN!!

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