Friday, May 23, 2008

Top Gear

Is the funniest car show ever. 3 British guys and a bunch of awesome (and awful) cars. They review cars, take road trips (drove to the North Pole, drove through the USA South, made a trip across Africa), and play car soccer. I don't know what channel it is on (BBC, but I don't know how to get it in America). I just watch it on YouTube. Highly recommended.

I say that because my friend challenged me to find cars I like and could afford. And while I can see the reasoning behind that (how many people have 1.3 million laying around to splurge on a Bugatti Veyron?), there is no real reason I should limit myself. Why couldn't I get a Lotus, or Audi? I can't remember exactly who said it, but "The only thing stopping you from your dreams is yourself". If thats what I want, there is no logical reason as to why I can't one day own a Lotus Exige S 240, or an Audi R8.

For the record, I would take a Volkswagen Rabbit or Jetta, (starting new at 15,600 and 16,990 respectively) a Toyota Prius (starting new at 21,500), or a Honda Fit (starts at 13, 590). Just while I'm waiting, though.

And while all that is just grand, one of the happiest things I will ever see in my life is this -

(in case the picture quality is to poor, that is my dad. In his chair, at our house.)

I don't know that I will ever find a car that compares to that.

But I'm not opposed to looking.

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