Thursday, June 5, 2008

Prior to the release of Pride and Prejudice (the version with Keira Knightley), I decided to read the book. It was heralded as one of the great love stories, so it must be a good read. I read it. I hated it. The plot was confusing and only vaguely explained, it was hard to differentiate the characters, and the punctuation was almost unreadable (and yes, I am aware it was written who knows how long ago, when writing and such was completely different. But it was just moronic the amount of ; : ' " ! ? that were thrown in there).

So I had low expectations when I got Wuthering Heights from the library. Boy was I ever wrong. The plot was great (if morbid), the characters were well explained, and dialog was downright hilarious at times (other times it was so romantic and touching. Shoot, sappy again. IRON MAN!) and the book was over all very good. I loved it.

The next book in my bag is Jane Eyre, which is another love story. Love stories are pretty popular in the classic section. Following my conclusion of the book, I shall chuck in my 2 cents.

You know how I love to chuck in my 2 cents.

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LindaLoo said...

Jane Eyre was my first "grown-up" book, picked for me by the libraian when she saw I had read my way through the childrens section. I can so clearly remember her coming over to me as I studied the shelves of books that no longer interested me, she took me across the library to the grown-up section. She suggested the Jane Eryre and I followed it up with Wuthering Heights. I have read Jane about 7 times and now that you mention it I'm going to read it again!