Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Um, what?

Do you ever have one of those moments where you stop and think "How the heck did I end up here?".

The guy on TV is having one right this second. His life journey has led him to film grizzly bears as they hunt salmon (or whatever grizzly bears hunt for in rivers.). Which would be fantastic if he had a wide angle or zoom lens. But since he couldn't afford to get one because the flight is expensive, he just has your normal run of the mill lens. Forcing him to stand in the river. Right up next to the bears. Closer then any sane person should be. I hope his mom doesn't see that.

(that part about not being able to buy a wide angle or zoom lens for his camera because of transportation costs was facetious. but really, why else would you willingly stand in a river with grizzly bears??)

I had a moment like that early last year (I have those all the time). My old (as in former. he was 28 in September, so he couldn't be any other kind of old) teacher was demonstrating how my knees should be when I did the time step. Since I don't have hyper extending knees, they didn't (and don't) like to go that straight. Which is how I ended up standing in front of a mirror at a ballroom dance studio with a 28 year old Ukrainian man pushing my knees back in the time of International Cha Cha. Weird, eh?

I get to use the term "eh?" because I have 2 new friends from Canada, and they say that all the time. And by my sick psychological reasoning, that means I get to say "eh?".

Brilliant, eh?

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