Monday, August 11, 2008

Thank you

This past weekend I attended a family reunion.

It was the big one, with all the cousins coming from all over the US. We gathered at my grandparents house, where we would car pool to whatever activity was on the schedule, or just sit and talk.

I haven't seen some of my close cousins in 2-3 years, so it was great to see what they were up to (mainly school and work) and talk about the summers my brother and I used to spend with them. It was also interesting to talk to all my relatives, because after the usual "Hi, how have you been? So good to see you" ect., they would say "I read your blog. Why haven't you posted in a while?".


Any excuse I make would be a moot point - I have the time. Just sometimes can't find the motivation; if there is one thing I abhor, it is weak material. If I can't take pride in what I'm writing, then I won't publish it. That would discredit myself and insult the readers (anybody who has read Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer knows exactly what I'm talking about).

However, now that I know that people are awaiting my thoughts, I will double my efforts.

I am truly honored and touched that people read and enjoy this blog; it was started on a whim, just an idle pastime where I could use really big words and type a lot (I love the sound that keyboards make). My family and friends didn't have to ask me next time I would post - I didn't know they even read it.

So thanks. It's really cool that you look forward to what I write.

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