Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yay or Nay?

Everywhere you go, you will find someone who is either pro or anti to technology.

"Nobody talks face to face anymore"

"Never before has this much information been instantly available"

"Writing good old fashion letters with pen and paper is dying away"

"You can talk to anybody anywhere on Earth, quick as you can blink"

I straddle the fence on this issue, but one definite pro for me: Every time I do something on a computer, a non computer literate person thinks I just solved the ancient human dichotomy (chocolate or vanilla?).

Case in point - I was transferring some documents onto a Mac from a portable USB (the little stick thingy), and used Expose to locate the Finder window I wanted.

Expose is a Mac thing (to the best of my knowledge), where you hit a button on the mouse and all of your windows share the screen. So if you have 10 windows open and you don't want to minimize until you find the one you want, just hit the side of the mouse & ta da, all everything is there.

Now, the man who owned the portable USB had NEVER EVER seen anything like that. Ever. Which is probably why he had me hit the Expose button 3 more times, so he could see what I was doing, because he thought it was the coolest thing since Star Trek: Deep Space Nine aired.

Its so funny how you do something like that, or even just burning a CD, & somebody who has little to no computer knowledge thinks you just re-invented fire, sitting right there at your desk.

No matter what faction you fall into (pro or anti), you have to agree there is some pretty cool perks in the technological world.


mfcoan said...

welcome baclk alice.
Remeber technolgy is your friend.

LindaLoo said...

Those geezers are easy to impress!