Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quick question: Can you read a book more then once, for enjoyment?

Personally, I have read almost all my books at least twice & I know that I have read one book upwards of 5 times. They are books I love ( thats why I bought them), so I like to re-read them. Its comforting, and its fun to pick up whatever you might have missed the first time.

But just about everybody I talk to rarely reads any book more then once.

What say ye?


mfcoan said...

I do read books over. When I can't find a new one I read an old one.

LindaLoo said...

Oh my yes! I read Mrs. Mike 13 times and I want to read The Time Travelers Wife for the third time. Some authors just deserve to be read again. There is a woman in Nevada who gives the best hints as to who to read and I often read those recomendations more than once, she know how to pick them!

mfocan said...

This seem to be a family kind of thing!!!