Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yesterday I saw the Secret Life Of Bees.

I had started to book earlier that day ( I was about 10pgs in), and my friends had invited me to go. I decided to see it, despite the fact I hadn't finished it. You cannon possibly understand how that pained me, but I persevered. :)

The movie was very well made; good acting, cinematography, score (I found that was one of the most enjoyable parts), story line, ect.

My favorite character was definitely May Boatwright (played by Sophie Okonedo). I won't spoil anything, but the fragility she displayed was beautiful.

Today, I took my book to work & polished off most of it, finishing it at home. Sue Monk Kidd is truly gifted at word craft - within a paragraph I completely understood the tale she was spinning, and what a beautiful tale it is.

Its got tragedy, comedy, examples of entrapment and examples of release. My copy (which is actually my moms copy, but I digress) is full of Post-It notes, marking my favorite lines or most touching moments.

Those who haven't read the book should pick it up, and those who have should read it again. Also, the movie stays very true to the book. You do miss a lot of Lily's (the main character) thoughts, but overall its remarkably on par with the novel. I would highly recommend it.

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