Friday, March 21, 2008


I was planning to make the first post either: chatty, "oh, hi, I'm blah blah blah" or more along the lines of introspective and "here is the first step in a new direction!". But, instead, I am going to rant. A small rant, but a rant none the less. I might do that alot, and I might not. But I digress.

*note: I just wrote this whole thing, and then lost it. I need to work on that...*

I am a Girl Scout. By definition, that means I am going to have to sell Girl Scout Cookies. Which means that I see a lot of people going in and out of my local grocery store, as I try to convince them that what they really want is a good box of Thin Mints.
I think it should be stated that the convincing usually takes place in late winter/early spring, with 5 hour shifts.
There are two emotions on the faces of the people I see that rise above the rest. Joy. And fear. Yes, some times you see people who look pitying, curious, tired and a myriad of other facial expressions. But I see a lot of fear. And failed attempts at avoidance, but that is a run off. People "talking" on their cell phones, not realizing their phone is up side down. People seeing us as the look up from their receipts, and scramble to find the nearest non Girl Scout occupied exit.
My big question is - why? All you have to do is say "No, thank you" and go on your merry way.
If you think you are going to personally offend them, remember this: you are not the first nor the last person who is going to deffer the offer to suit yourself up with some Carmel Delights.
Unless you deffer cookies in a cruel, heartless fashion, they will probably forget all about it within an hour.
Unless they are Brownies.
They might forget in a half hour.
Please don't take it personally. It's just that you are the 168th person they have seen walk out that door, and by the 2 1/2 hour mark, everything kind of blends together in a blur of sore feet.
Phew. I feel much better now.
(Lest there is any confusion, I am advocating buying Girl Scout cookies. They taste really good fresh and frozen, and its a good cause. But if you don't want any, be kind about it.)

This is my first escapade into the world of blogging, so let me know what you think be leaving a comment!


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