Saturday, March 22, 2008

I have made a grievous error....

Forgive me. I never meant to confuse you in such a way. I....well..... I used the wrong word. *sniff*

Defer, as it turns out, means to put of an action or event until a later time; postpone. What I meant, however, was deny, or decline. In my excitement to get my first ever post up, I accidentally added deffer to my spell check.

It is not a real word. While I am all about making up new words ( awesometastical is a great example), that is a deplorable error.

I 'm sorry. However, now that this is said, I really hope some people *coughcough* will forget this . Within this century. Really. It's ok to let go. Move on.


Danielle said...

Why, such a terrible error, how we will ever recover I dont know... *rolls eyes* Awesometastical is a good word! So is yumalicious. ;)

JILL said...

Oh, the joy and curse of the written word, you will be on first big job interview and you will be asked, "Please describe the words defer and decline and how you have overcome obstacles with these words" because they read this blog.

I didn't see the error (not a bit surprise), but then I haven't been raised at your dinner table and I do love your dinner table conversation.

I look forward to reading your blog everyday!

Jessie said...

hey ria! this is jessie on grandpa's computer. I would like to say that I think the word defer actually does fit there because perhaps they are only putting off the offer of cookies until the next time they go to the grocery store. So really all they are doing is deffering. Ever. is it true that I have become a loser who never gets on the internet anymore. yes! but you have inspired me to change my ways. I will gmail you tonight!