Monday, March 31, 2008

Porsche memory sticks, praying mantii and pain

I was probably going to say something witty and entertaining about my ski trip, but right now the only thing I can think of is Porsche memory sticks, praying mantis's , and pain. I'll start with the memory sticks.

As you can see in the picture above, that is a Porsche on the end of a memory stick. I found it searching for "yellow porsches" on Google. I don't really know what to say about it, except I want one. The picture explains it all. I wonder if it makes your computer go faster.

On Sunday afternoon, having just returned home from the ski trip, I was helping like a good little girl and carrying the stuff in the house when I saw this guy -

It really begs the question - why are so many bugs after me? Did I step on one of their brethren once and now there is a contract out for my head - or sanity? Little buggies who are reading this, please accept my deepest apologies for whatever I did to anger your little buggy selves, and let us move on like civilized....beings. Thank you.

What do you think the plural for praying mantis is? Praying mantii? Praying mantisis? I like praying mantii, personally.

And now, the pain.

My knee is pulsating fire. My left knee, (which could probably considered ironic since it is NOT the one that had and has a previous injury) is the one doing the pulsating.

You see, after my knee was exposed to a possible blowout skiing, I went ahead and danced for 5 hours. Which was actually ok for the right knee (the one with the previous injury), because the left knee got the short end of the stick.

I was dancing with my friend, and was led into a step in which I was supposed to use his arm as a monkey bar (I don't understand it either). But instead of doing the smart thing and doing the step correctly (to easy!), I went ahead and slipped. Down into the splits. Which is usually ok for me, but I went down kinda hard (remember I did slip into this. I was not expecting to end up on the ground), and now have a bruise the size of a small European country on my left knee. Here comes the part where my ballet teacher slowly but surely hits her head repeatedly on her computer. Ready?

I kept doing the step. Using my friend's and my version(my friend and me? my friend and I?). The other times I didn't fall into it, but I still kept cracking my knee into the hardwood floor pretty hard. It is, however possibly one of the coolest steps I have ever done in that dance. I love it. And, the bruise is a lovely deep mauve color, so that's nice. I would be sad if it was black. Not pretty enough.

Other than the whole knee of fire thing, it was awesome dancing for that long. And now, please excuse me while I go ice both my knees.

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