Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An open door attracts wildlife

I don't know why nobody ever closes the screen door. It attracts all manner of outdoor creatures. The Wasp. A huge mosquito, which flew in when we were doing the dinner dishes.

And this little buddy. He/she/it apparently waddled in here of he/she/its on accord. Did not even fly. Just waddled. I think it was mocking us.

Ha ha, look at me, I can walk! But only because I choose to! You cretins need huge metal things to achieve what I was born with! Muwahahahaha!

Dumb bird. Then, when we scared it with talk of Zac Efron possibly being considered for Edward Cullen (Twilight movie. Look it up), he/she/it had the audacity to go and do this.

First the rug, now the chair (albeit the one that is being revamped). What next? My friend thinks its a cute little baby bird that can't fly and is waiting for its mommy. I think it was plotting something along the lines of pooping on our furniture.

From now on, I am closing the screen. Even if it gives me stuff to blog about.

1 comment:

Chickeloo said...

Ahh, come on Alice, why do you have to be so mean? Poor baby bird was just cold! It was windy outside and he's so little!