Saturday, April 19, 2008

An Epitome

As I vaguely mentioned in another post, I dislike the wind. Rather vehemently. But I could never figure out why. It was a little frustrating to know you abhor something, but not be able to put it into words. As much as I talk, not being able to put something into words is a serious tragedy.

But fear not! My intellect has pulled through (even if my humility could not) yet again, and I am now able to the fullest extent describe my passionate distaste for the element.

It's rude. The wind is ill-mannered and brusque. It pulls your hair, musses your picnic plans, makes a racket when you try to sleep, chucks dirt and other debris everywhere, makes swimming pretty miserable, blows your lawn furniture over and brings a sudden halt to your ping pong game.

Does it need to do that? No, it could just be a gentle breeze, but instead it chooses to rush through in spurts, leaving you indoors clutching your hands together, hoping fervently it goes away soon. It never does. Tricking you, it slows down for 3.46 minutes, than picks up again with a fevered frenzy.

It's like the person who puts gum on the underside of restaurant tables. No one will ever really know for sure who did it, so they never get punished. It irks me.

Also, it should be stated that I have no editor. Nobody except myself looks over the posts before I publish them, which is the reason for typos. I try to catch as many as I can, but it is inevitable that some slip through, especially on a large post, or one that I have rewritten frequently. I go over it so often the slip ups go unnoticed. I have been alerted by various people that I have made errors, and I appreciate that. Just remember I am the only editor.

And finally, the weirdest competition/sport I have ever seen: Worlds Strongest Man competition. It's just plain freaky.

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Chickeloo said...

Oh please, live a little, make typos! And slap the people who are obsessed with them...