Sunday, April 20, 2008

These are a view of my favorite things...

Okay, I figure since I bemoaned the wind yesterday, today I shall give you happy things! This is but a small list of things I love, but a small contribution of joy is better than none (that or its then. I can never remember). This is in no particular order whatsoever. The only reason it is organized in such a fashion is because it popped into my head that way.

  1. Mexican cookies. I don't know if they actually came from Mexico, but they are beyond good.
  2. Mexican cookie dough.
  3. My moms perfume. It smells like vanilla.
  4. Remembering my friend convincing my other (apparently gullible) friend to try some straight vanilla.
  5. Remembering the time I spent in LA with my friends at a ballroom competition.
  6. My doggies.
  7. My Macbook.
  8. Harry Potter
  9. Star Wars
  10. Twilight (the book series)
  11. All my books, pretty much.
  12. Wearing mismatched socks.
  13. Painting my nails different colors.
  14. Shopping.
  15. Reading.
  16. Chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
  17. Reading.
  18. Talking to my friend about Dancing with the Stars and American Idol.
  19. Getting dressed up and going somewhere.
  20. Riding the motorcycle with my dad.
  21. This motorcycle.
  22. And this one.
  23. And this one.
  24. And maybe this one. Sorry mom.
  25. Dancing.
Well, that concludes the list - for now insert maniacal laughter here. Again a short post, but I am a bit sleepy (and now thinking of motorcycles) so my train of thought is going nowhere fast. Night night!

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