Thursday, April 17, 2008

A short post

No time for another lengthy post, because Alvin and the Chipmunks is playing in the other room and it is imperative that I bang my head against the wall, repeatedly and with much vigor.

A thought briefly flitted through my head last night - "Should I beg pardon for yesterdays post? It was pretty lengthy, and most assuredly confusing to those unfamiliar with ancient Greek myths". Than I decided it was my blog, which gives me the right to talk about whatever I choose. So, if you were confused, sorry, but hey, your the one who typed in the address.

As this blog is solely maintained by yours truly, what ever I think about at that moment is what becomes published in cyberspace. It is inevitable that somethings come out garbled. The degree of difficultly which is required to translate thoughts on to paper (or computer) is somewhat higher then I anticipated. It did not occur to me that not everybody would understand each thing that popped out of my cranium.

But hey, you understand most of it (I assume), which excites me no end!

Now please excuse me while I go smash my brain pan against something very solid.


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