Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Ask and you shall receive!! I got 4 comments!!!!! Huzzuh!!

That really does exhilarate me, because that means that I have four readers! But according to the poll I have seven, which means some of you aren't commenting. Disappointing, but easily remedied.

I write this blog on the fly. I never really plan what I am going to write, just sit down at my beautiful computer and look around for outside stimulus. For instance, I wrote the "Dance" post after listening to Led Zeppelin. Which shows that I pretty much have ADOS.

Attention Deficit, Oh Shiny!

This post, as an example, is about to launch into why I love Pocahontas, only because "ask and you shall receive" reminded my of Aladdin, which reminded me of animated Disney movies, which reminded me of my favorite animated movies, which led to Pocahontas.

Do you know see the circular movements of my discombobulated train of thought? You should spend a day in my head. Entertainment.

Back to Pocahontas.

I have loved Pocahontas ever since I can remember.

I planted corn when I was four, so I could run through it like she did (it didn't work, for those of you who are curious.). I carried (and spilled rather spectacularly) clam sauce stuff on my head when I was 5. In roughly 3.2 out of every 5 pictures that exist of me, ages 1 - 7, I have something Pocahontas related on. Just yesterday I carried a bundle of office paper on my head. Come to find out, the skin on your head has a large range of motion.

The only thing I don't like about Pocahontas is John Smith. He's obnoxious, in the second movie he refuses to see she doesn't like him anymore, and dyes his hair. Lame.

Love Meeko (the raccoon) however. And the pug.

Also love the songs. Mine, Mine, Mine is the best one, with Colors of the Wind a close second. Another great song is Be Prepared, from the Lion King (another great movie).

Initially I was going to finish with a rousing reason for why I love the movie so much, but I don't think it can be put into a stirring and firery sentence. I just love it, same way I love Harry Potter, daffodils, my puppy and wearing miss-matched socks. It all just makes me happy.

Which is going to lead to tomorrows post, Harry Potter. See how this goes?

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