Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pretty Cars

I have a cousin who has his entire automobile life planned out. He knows where he wants to put his Ferrari's. He needs three (or two, I can't really remember) before he can get the Enzo Ferrari, which is the mother of all Ferrari's. I don't remember the names of the cars he wants, which is a shame cause now I would like to ask him.

As of late however, I have started noticing cars. I can discern which ones I like, and which I don't. A BMW now looks different from a Nissan (something I would never usually notice), and I can tell the difference between a Honda and a Toyota. Shocking, I know. What is more shocking is I know that I like BMWs. I like the Z4 Roadster 3.osi, and it wouldn't hurt to have an M3.

And if we start talking about virtually un-attainable cars, then I want a Lotus Elise SC and Exige S240, (ok, any car on that site would be wonderful), a Ferrari F 430 Spider, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (Roadster), Maserati Granturismo S, a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and a 911 Targa 4S and maybe a Aston Martin Vanquish S. (you must excuse the haphazard hyper linking, it has some issues).

Now, please do not delude your selves into thinking I know something about the inside of those (and any) cars. I can't tell you what the "S" stands for, although I assume it means something technical. I merely yearn for them because they are very beautiful, and go extremely fast. Very, very very fast.

The reason I have begun watching cars, and have slowly become a teensy bit more knowledgeable about them, is purely aesthetic. I like the pretty and fast (and expensive) ones. I can't tell you squat about the tires, rims, engine, horse power, torque, or anything remotely technical. If you need pointed in the direction of someone how can, I might be able to help you. But don't ask me anything about a drive shaft or chassis. ( I got that word off the Lotus website, no clue what it might be related to)

I also like motorcycles. But another time, perhaps for the motorcycles. Now that I have released my list of cars, it might be considered prudent to wait until my mother comes down from the ceiling before I start taking about bikes. Just thinking of her health, you know.

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