Sunday, April 13, 2008

When it gets hot, I get cranky

Very, very cranky. Which is really stupid, considering that in the summer here it can easily get to 110 (F). But hey, I like my comfort. My ideal weather would be:
  • when I wake up, it should be cool, but not cold.
  • during the day, it can get anywhere between warm and hot. Outside. Inside, it must remain at the sweet spot of cool, but not cold.
  • when I go to bed, I want it to be cold. Cold, not cool. I want lots of big heavy blankets, so that way I am warm and cuddly while the rest of the world is cold.
  • then I wake up again, and it will be cool (but not cold) again.
Is that really to much to ask? I want that throughout most of the year, except in winter when its cold. Simple, really.

My room faces the southwest side of the house, which means that in the afternoon/late afternoon, it gets hot. And while that is great light for photography, it means that I have to leave my special black out shade up for the light to permeate my room. The heat also permeates, which is really obnoxious.

And that is why todays post is short. I am cranky and am shortly going to relocate my cranky little tokus into my bed, where I will put my fan on high and possibly get myself a cold compress.

I feel I must apologize for the lack of humor, pizazz, and over all entertainment in this post. But honestly, the only thing I can think of is rather creative insults for anybody in my general vicinity. Good night, and tomorrow I can give an iron clad guarantee I will be happier.

( dance lessons tomorrow)

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